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Meals With Humanity At Heart

We’re all about creating dignity and unity through food. That’s why we’re stoked to have Plate It Forward team members serving tasty, healthy meals at three community kitchens for people in need. Not only do these kitchens provide nourishing meals, but they also create job opportunities for our team and tackle food insecurity in our community.

Wesley Mission

You’ll find our team in the kitchen at Wesley Edward Eagar Centre 365 days of the year serving up breakfasts and dinners to their residents. That's more than 36,000 meals a year to help those who are getting back on their feet after experiencing homelessness.


We’ve been working with Redlink since Plate it Forward got started back in July 2020. Each week, we deliver 100 hot, restaurant-quality meals to Redlink’s community centre in Redfern where they’re served at a pop-up community restaurant to locals who may be going without a meal.

Cobham Youth Justice Centre

We’ve teamed up with Cobham Youth Justice Centre to create Second Chance Kitchen, a 6-week hospo training course that we run right on site. Our shared goal – to build success pathways for young men in the justice centre, boosting their job prospects and lowering the chances of reoffending.


You can use your event to create maximum social impact whilst serving delicious food.