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Plate It Forward’s journey began with a simple yet profound vision: to transform the hospitality landscape here in Sydney and beyond by intertwining delicious food with powerful social impact.

A Note from Shaun

I’ve always seen the power of food as a connector, a way to bring people together with quality, dignity, and a sense of curiosity about how similar we all are. I believe food is the universallove language that can bridge cultures, foster understanding, and build communities. Plate It Forward was a way I could create a conduit for cultural exchange, respect, and genuine human connection. Growing up, watching my mom cook was a way I knew she cared. She no longer had an accent; she was someone people wanted to connect with through food. That sense of love and dignity in every meal is what I want to bring to our tables- at our restaurants and through every meal we donate.

Our initiative started with Colombo Social and soon grew to include Kabul Social, Kyiv Social, and other ventures, each one a testament to our commitment to addressing food insecurity and creating meaningful employment opportunities. We’ve been fortunate to donate over 560,000 meals, while also using our kitchens to provide ongoing employment for over 200 individuals from marginalised backgrounds. These efforts reflect our core values: Food Security, Training & Education, Employment, and Connection.

What sets us apart is our deep-seated belief in realising the potential of every individual we engage with whether it’s our dedicated staff or the guests who walk through our doors. We’re not just offering jobs; we’re providing pathways to brighter futures, fostering an environment where dreams can take flight. Every meal we serve is a step towards a more inclusive, compassionate world. This movement supersedes individuals and reflects the collective journey of ethnic and migrant communities.

At Plate It Forward, we invite you to join us in this journey of transformative change. Whether you dine at our restaurants, participate in our Plate Up Together events, or support our community initiatives, you become part of a movement that transcends the culinary realm. Your involvement helps us demonstrate how every meal, every job, and every moment of connection can be a catalyst for positive change.

Together, we can lay a new set of rules that elevate tradition and prestige for those who cherish quality in everyday life. This is our promise and our passion—to create not just meals, but moments that nourish the body and nurture the soul. Through this journey, we are tackling food insecurity and creating sustainable, genuine, and great dining experiences that reflect the universal love of nutritious food.

Thank you for being part of our story. Let’s continue to Plate It Forward.

Shaun Christie-David
Founder, Plate It Forward


In 2023, our employee retention rate was an impressive 97%, highlighting the success of our Employee Progression Plan.


We have provided over $3.5 million in wages to our incredible workforce to people who would have been on social benefits. We know that not only does it lead to their own independence there is a large multiplier effect of change as they are supporting their families in Sydney, as well as making a significant positive impact abroad, as many of our employees send a portion of their wages to their families overseas.

Our People

Our diverse team is a mosaic of talent, comprising skilled migrants who have honed their expertise in various fields including medicine, engineering, and law back in their homeland. Now, they bring their rich tapestry of skills to the culinary realm, infusing our kitchen with a diverse array of experiences and perspectives. Notably:

Of our workforce comes from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds

Are women

Are from supported backgrounds

Awards & Accolades

  • TimeOut Magazine Sydney’s Future Shaper


  • SMH Good Food Innovator of the Year
  • EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Not For Profit Leadership Award for Outstanding Leader


  • Australian Human Rights Commission – Community Human Rights Champion
  • Time Out’s inaugural Hospitality Future Shaper Award
  • XERO Emerging Business of the Year
  • AMP’s Tomorrow Maker
  • Westpac Change Maker
  • Time Out Community Spirit Award Finalist


  • Commonwealth Bank CEO Award for the Community Initiative of the Year



We invite you to get to know our incredible team and experience the vibrant, welcoming atmosphere they help create. Together, we are making a difference, one meal at a time.