Plate Up Together

Plate it Forward Hospitality are revolutionising the concept of charity & volunteerism by combining deep community engagement & impact with exceptional food and beverage experiences.

“Plate Up Together” cooking class will allow you to blend your passion for food with nourishing community.

Plate Up Together is an exclusive day for Plate it Forward corporate partners and friends.

We take you behind the scenes of a restaurant kitchen and teach you to cook three signature dishes we serve in our award-winning restaurants. You will be taught by our chefs and cook alongside our Ability Social graduates, discovering the tips and tricks to be able to recreate dishes at home.

Finally, as we learn, cook, & eat together we’ll be making extra meals to be donated to those in our community going hungry.

Doing good has never tasted so good.

Example of a Plate Up Together Experience

  • Cooking class – Preparing three premium dishes together
  • Meet our people who make change possible
  • Volunteering: Boxing restaurant quality meals to donate to our communities
  • Cocktail masterclass
  • Enjoying the three-course meal you prepared with drinks and stories

Your cooking class contributes to circular, long term change by employing, training and providing hope to people from the communities we feed.

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Our Packages

South Of The Border

Allow our Chef and the Ability Social team to take you on a guided tour through the America’s learning how to plate up (and correctly pronounce) the iconic South American dish ceviche, authentic Mexican tacos and decadent Spanish churros.

Our chefs will share their knowledge on how to identify the right fish for the dish, create your own unique combination of flavours & textures, and restaurant-quality plating techniques, to re-create one of Sydney’s favourite entrées.

You’ll also master the secrets to creating amazing Mexican street food, taco meat marinades & fresh salsas. For dessert, we will learn how to create popular Spanish churros from scratch with some decadent dipping sauces perfect for a multitude of desserts.

As we take you through these cooking techniques and recipes we will be boxing up flavourful & nutritious ’Burrito Bowls’ to feed our local community members battling food insecurity.

Price $150pp
Packages subject to availability

Curry In A Hurry

Amma’s secret recipes are up for grabs here in our Sri Lankan and South Indian cooking class. The Ability Social team will take you through a spicy trip of the subcontinent revealing generational secrets to creating amazing curries, sambols and short eats.

You and the team will learn to blend and roast your own curry powders to re-create Colombo Social’s famous fish curry, how to temper spices and produce healthy, warming red lentil dhal and the secrets to making restaurant quality “Butter Chicken”.

Our Chef will also demonstrate how to create the pivotal partners for every curry, from rich mango chutney to cooling coconut yoghurt raita, as well as the techniques needed to make delicious samosas and bhajis at home.

We round out the day by packaging up curry, rice and short eats to deliver to our neighbours in desperate need of a feed.

Price $150pp
Packages subject to availability

Asian Street Food

Pining for that nostalgic trip down the packed hawker alleys of South East Asia? With Ability Social’s “Asian Street Food” masterclass, you’ll learn to create flavourful snacks from your favourite Asian cities.

Our Chef will teach you how to make a range of delectable Asian “fast food” from sweet & spicy ‘Korean Fried Chicken’ to epic sticky pork belly Gua Bao buns. You will be given an inside look at how restaurants create the master stocks, glazes, sauces and pickles, the foundations needed to build these ‘Instagram-able’ dishes.

The team will show you quick and easy vegetarian and vegan substitutes & how to plate and garnish like a pro, giving you the skills to impress and provide for all guests.

Our donated meals for the day will consist of delicious roasted pork belly with sticky rice & sautéed Asian greens, ensuring the results of your cooking lesson are shared & enjoyed by our marginalised community members.

Price $150pp
Packages subject to availability

American BBQ

Let’s face it when it comes to one of Australia’s favourite pastimes, the yanks truly are masters of the BBQ.

Our Chef and the team will take you through different techniques for preparing, marinating and cooking the perfect southern BBQ. You’ll learn how to low-smoke, how to maintain temperature and perfect cooking times for different BBQ meats, including juicy baby back ribs and beef brisket.

We’ll work through classic sides found on any American BBQ platter, baking fresh cornbread, whipping up collard greens and creating mouth-watering truffle-bacon mac n cheese.

Finishing on a sweet note with peach cobblers for dessert, we’ll put together BBQ platters with all the sides for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Price $150pp
Packages subject to availability

The Mediterranean Diet

The riches of the Mediterranean are on display in our cooking class focusing on producing a variety of famous dishes from countries all around the famous sea.

We will use fresh produce and cooking techniques shared by countries such as Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon & Turkey. You’ll learn to bake fresh pita bread, as well as creating & plating restaurant-quality Mediterranean dips such as Greek Tzatziki, Middle Eastern hummus and Za’atar spiced beetroot.

Our Chef & the Ability Social will guide you on how to hand-roll healthy and flavoursome Israeli falafel, char-grill chicken shawarma & lamb souvlaki and knock up simple, elegant Mediterranean desserts.

After lunch, we’ll be sure to share these healthy treats, loading up kebab meats, dips, pita bread and Greek salad for our community partners gone hungry.

Price $150pp
Packages subject to availability


Plate Up Together And Help Create Maximum Social Impact.