Our Impact

Piloted by the PlateitForward group with three residents of Redlink, our food training program Ability Social has been a resounding success.  

We received great feedback on the positive social outcomes of Ability Social. However, we consider the immeasurable data our biggest success: witnessing the profound changes the program has made in the lives of our staff and their families. 

Successes of Ability Social


100% employment rate in other PlateitForward venues. All Ability Social graduates have been offered and accepted roles within the PlateitForward Hospitality Group.


100% completion rate of the Ability Social Curriculum, and 100% attendance rate. This is an intense and best-in-class course developed by leading chefs and hospitality experts.


100% pass rate for formal qualifications. All graduates have received a NSW Food Safety Certificate Certificate.

Ability Social has encouraged graduates to return to their communities, cooking for their neighbours and families. They have volunteered in their community kitchens, cooking meals and teaching others how to cook.

Program Benefits:

  • Long-term skills for independent living, including an increase in confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Better health outcomes through better nutrition and healthy living habits.  
  • Reducing food wastage through using donated food stock from charity partners. 
  • Tackling social isolation through shared cooking and dining programs. 
  • Encouraging graduates of Ability Social to become community role models, demonstrating that employment pathways are possible. When community members see their peers upskilled and employed, this can provide a huge sense of hope and encouragement.  
  • Facilitating employment for those seeking work in the hospitality industry, equipping individuals with skills, experience and knowledge to start this process. The program also boosts potential for hiring opportunities within PlateitForward venues.  

Meet Our 2021 Graduates

Achievements by our Graduates:

  • Receiving over 1,300 hours of paid employment. 
  • Working 15 catered events at some of Australia’s most prestigious companies. This has yielded approximately $25,000 in revenue, from weddings, corporate events and intimate family events. 
  • Over $30,000 in wages have been paid to Sonya, Hewitt and Brendan. Wages are paid for every moment the students are present; whether they are learning, on excursions or completing course work. 
  • Multiple excursions to Sydney Fish Markets, a meat processing plant and farms to understand the total system of food produce and sustainability. 
  • Our graduates joined the team that have cooked, delivered and donated over 20,000 healthy meals to vulnerable Sydney communities, as part of The Social Meal.  
  • Cooked with multiple celebrity chefs, learning different cooking techniques and cuisines. 
  • Been part of the team that has won the Commonwealth Bank CEO Award for Best Charitable Effort for 2021. 

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