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Plate it Forward has re-invented equal opportunity. Through this, you can use your event to create maximum social impact whilst serving delicious food.

Plate it Forward offers a multitude of catering choices and packages to accommodate your requirements & budget. Whether it’s entertaining at home, feeding the team in the office or catering for a special event or function, we have you covered.

Plate Up Together

“Plate Up Together” cooking class will allow you to blend your passion for food with nourishing community.

Your cooking class contributes to circular, long-term change by employing, training and providing hope to people from the communities we feed.

Private Functions

Do you want your next event to create change and impact? Our flexible range of functions and different events can provide a unique experience at your place or ours. 

Conscious Conferencing

Is your business taking the right steps towards corporate social responsibility? 

Through our conscious conferencing, we can allow your staff to be a part of change. 


From as little as $4 your gift will go towards supporting Plate It Forwards mission.

All donations go towards providing meals for individuals in difficult situations. As well as employment for our graduates from marginalised communities.

Donations help provide meals, training, employment, hope and opportunity to vulnerable people.

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